Thursday, 6 October 2011

"A friend of mine invited me to sponsor a child in December last years. I agreed and requested a girl as I do not have a daughter of my own - I have a son. We received a profile for Winnie and sponsoring felt so great. She felt like a part of our family. We decided to sponsor another child and this time we requested a boy. We have been sponsoring Winnie and Julius ever since last month. We receive letters from the children and they're touching. We began to feel a strong link with Uganda through the children's letters. We traveled to Uganda and met the children in February. The experience was so wonderful. We truly feel that what we are doing is something very good for our world. We also met Pastor Hassan mubiru - the sponsorship Director in Uganda. He was such a kind person. Being connected to Children of Uganda and the children we sponsor has really made our world much bigger. Uganda is an amazing place and we look forward to going back one day."

Open Heart orphanage Ministry is a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans – children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable or unwilling to care for them. Parents, and sometimes grandparents, are legally responsible for supporting children, but in the absence of these or other relatives willing to care for the children, they become a ward of the state, and our program is one way of providing for their care and housing.

Education plays a significant role in releasing a child from poverty. An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. And school offers a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills and make friends.

Open Heart Orphanage Ministry works with local authorities and partner churches to identify the needy families who cannot afford school fees and needy kids on streets, Open Heart Orphanage Ministry offers educational assistance to cover:

Primary and secondary education fees: Primary level fees per month is $30.00 per month or $360.00 per year. And secondary level fees is $82.00 per month or $984.00 per year.Choose one or two kids and contact us with his or her name and CHILD ID. we shall in turn send you more information about him or her as you begin to help him or her monthly. some sponsorship questions answered click below or cut and paste

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