Wednesday, 12 October 2011


1: To raise vibrant and dynamic youth that combines intellectual capacity with spiritual profundity for God and Humanity through sports.

2: To help young people to raise their aspirations, recognize their potential and have their achievements recognized through the word of God.

3: To help the young people to overcome the effects of poverty and develop the capacity to create a new future for themselves and their community through the word of God and sports.

4: To tackle childhood obesity and fatigue through sports.

5: To kick outs and eliminate HIV/AIDS through sports:

6 To help people for future sports participation.

7: To organize and brings the student together through live interactive sports events and share the gospel.

8: To pray for the student and the staff of the school in other to achieve excellence.

I believe young people have the power to make positive change ; literally every organization and young people should understand that a strong and dynamic future means good leadership

SPORTS CAMP VOLUNTEER; individuals and groups are needed to assist us in training our teams to bring new skills on the ground.

SUPERSTAR TEAM. Individuals who can help us financially on a regular basis become members of our superstar team and provide critically needed items like sports team uniforms, shoes, balls to keep our programs going .Small or large one time or on going. all gifts are important to the ministry of OPHOM

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