Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Food means a lot in a life of kids at school, food determines kids performance at school as well as his or her results at the end of the term.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Scam warning
wrong people are trying to communicate to some sponsors pretending to be A director or any other in this organization only emails from ( are the ones sent from this organization not any other email accounts.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rasty Nakalema 50 years with her three grand kids from left Sula Matovu 5 years next Shifah Namukasa 7 years and lastly Med Muzafalu 3 years after her grand mother on right

Rasty Nakalema 50 years lost her only daughter 2010 two years now, the daughter had three kids you see in the photo above the husband of her daughter left the kids in the house after the death of the wife and went were no one knows by then they were living in Kasese two hundred miles from our orphanage in Mityana. After six months the grand mum you see in the photo above went to visit her grand kids in Kasese she found them in the house helpless with no one cared for them. She reported to Police and took the kids to Mityana were she lives now, this is a single mother who used to live on farming on the rented land to get food and some money for the last two years.

As we are sharing now she failed on season due to prolonged dry season and she was found to be HIV/AIDS positive with diabetes and high blood pressure the in December 2011 she spent all that month on sick bed in the hospital the older grand kid Shifah Namukasa 7 years old was left to care for the rest of her two young brothers. as you can see in the photo below One day in January 2012 she was cooking tea and she burned her right arm and taken to government hospital and the two kids were left helpless.

After the grand Mother getting better she was taken to home from the hospital and here grand daughter was healed from burned right arm, the doctors advised the grand mother to stop cultivating land because her condition may go worse to death, no job at all she is very weak and all the kids you see in the photo are in school going age but they are not in school because the grand mother cannot afford it. They live a rented house of which she can no longer able to pay monthly rent bills. you can find more information and photos on this family on this link;