Friday, 21 October 2011


It has been two years since Open Heart Orphanage Ministry has stepped in to find solution to raising number of helpless orphans by war, HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.

In 2010 Open Heart Nursery Day & Boarding Primary School was opened to support education effort of our organization with enrollment of 150 needy/orphaned children. In 2011 more 50 needy/orphaned children we enrolled which has increased our enrollment to 200 pupils. Although 550 are listed thus means we still have 350 children not yet helped.

We have 50 helpless orphans who has no were to turn, whom we took from streets and those we picked after the death of their parents or guardians. We had to divide them among our members because of little source of funds we have at the time, it happened because of monthly charges of accommodation and care takers monthly salaries.

So we give them food and medication per now in the homes where they live. All of our activities has been and are running on rented premises, and this keeps us asking and begging for funds for rent, food, medication and salary for teachers.


(TEN ACRES = 4.04685642 HECTARES)

At $10,000 US dollars each acre

At £6,331.9192 British pounds each acre

At €7,271.14084 Euros each acre

For ten acres we need $100,000/US, £63,319.192/GB and €72,711.4084/Euros. With consultation from District agricultural office seven (7) acres with modern farming methods can raise enough food for 1000 children through out the year and the other three acres can be utilized as follows-

One acre for school buildings and administration offices, and one acre for kids play ground and one acre for recreational activities.

We are an organization running on faithful donations of God's people. This time we ask you friends and partners to stand with us raise the needed funds for the land and make a lasting solution for orphans in Uganda.

You can help from $0 to $100,000 or from zero of your respective currency to one hundred thousand US dollars.

When you help with between $5,000 and $100,000 your name will be posted on the stone and will be a memorable to the orphanage in organization life time. ( $5,000 gift buys a half an acre on that same land is where a small post with your name will be, $10,000 gift buy an acre on that same land a stone with your name will be).

And if you help with $50 to $4,000 a hand made craft will be sent to you from the orphans with your name.

Send your donation today and make a difference using our donation sending page CLICK HERE or contact us by clicking here

Your donation will make a lasting difference in Uganda and Africa.

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