Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2013 OUTREACH JOURNEY/TRIP It is time to move from our comfortable zones and reach out to those in great suffering, It is our time instead of sending the gospel to take the gospel ourselves where is needed most. It is time to live out the light in us to do the work of salt in the world that has lost its flavor. The great commission is about going to all the world and make disciples. Some use many other ways to fulfill this but it is time to do it ourselves hands on the thing from hearing about things to a real world of watching lives being restored hearts being mended and solving things our selves. Whatever you feel gifted with or any expertize will be used for service in this event, we shall be handing over to the Poor the Needy and the Orphaned food, clothes, shoes, blankets and ma... Read Moreny more new and used ones, it a life event to meet more than 10000 people in poverty stricken areas. Visit this link for more Information: http://ping.fm/9s0EE or send an email (2013reachout@gmail.com)

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